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With almost a decade in business, our specialists have gained significant experience of designing and manufacturing IoT devices. From prototype to production, we can help you at every step, maximising your profits and minimising your risks.
IoT Platform Development

IoT Platform Development

High Performance Hardware

High Performance Hardware

Intelligent Data Analysis

Intelligent Data Analysis

Full Integration

Full Integration

Low Power Consumption

Low Power Consumption

Wireless Communications

Wireless Communications

What We Can Do for You

Design Services

Product structural design

Aesthetics and ergonomics

Digital circuit design

Analogue circuit design

Professional PCB Layout


Storage capability

PCB production


Custom enclosure production


App development

Scalable Cloud Platform

Hadoop data analytics

SQL or noSQL

Big data storage

Why Us? We care about your product as much as you!

CloudForce have always put our customers first. Our specialist experience in IoT hardware and software makes us uniquely qualified to build your new IoT solution. We believe that anything is possible if you work with a professional team like ours. Bring us your idea and we will do the rest!

Full Cycle Development. From drawing board to delivery

When you first come to us with your idea, we will review your requirements and make sure they are achievable. After that we will create a detailed delivery plan and budget. We will keep you involved at every step of the process and will discuss all decisions. We treat all our customers’ projects with the same care as our own, resulting in high quality products you can be proud of.